Theism or Atheism

“Atheism is a disease of the soul, before it becomes an error of the understanding. ” – William Fleming

Delivered to the Saints-


Is there proof/evidence/hints for the existence of God?

Does any one worldview answer and align with reality?

If there is a God has he kept himself hidden?

In this page I will address an atheistic mindset, and the proper Christian response to it.

First, what is truth?

Truth is that which comports/aligns to reality.

Is there evidence for God?

If you require evidence for God then you are either no longer an atheist or borrowing a Christian world view to argue against the Christian God. let me explain. Evidence is that which tends to prove or disprove something. An atheist would run into the problem of how can we disprove  or prove anything ? We have to have methods (scientific method, etc.) to test these along with our 5 senses to interpret them. 1. How can we know the scientific method is correct? 2. How can we know our senses are correct? It MAY seem obvious that these thing just ARE but according to a naturalistic world view, we can’t know if they are. The atheist must presuppose the validity of the scientific method, logic, mathematics, morality, uniformity of nature and our senses otherwise he is left with a vat of pure skepticism about ALL things.

But the Christian must presuppose God, and we’re fine with that, the existence of God actually proves God. Earlier I said truth is that which comports with reality. Unlike the atheist, a Christian can account for absolutes and necessities like logic and mathematics, morality and the uniformity of nature. Logic is perfect and transcendent, logic requires perfect mind, it exists even if we don’t. God is source of logic. Mathematics: 2+2=4 not because that’s how humans made it. We didn’t invent math, we discovered math, we cannot have an archeological dig and discover the number 3. This comes from the mind of God. Morality, as much as people think it’s subjective, it is not. Humanity didn’t have a big get together and deicide that murder is wrong this comes from the character of God. We do not murder someone because they are made in the image of God. We do not eat Human burgers because it’s morally wrong (and hamburgers and delicious). All these things make sense in light of the God of the Bible. people naturally live (and talk) like there is a God.

The Atheist must presuppose that his argument is valid to make his argument valid. Yet they ask for evidence for God’s existence.

The God of the Bible exists because you couldn’t be logically working your way through this argument without him.

therefore any arguments against the God of the Bible either on a logical basic (contradictions etc.) or a moral basic coming from an atheist are absolutely in valid because they has no standard to judge by.




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