How can I be Right with God?


God is Holy and Righteous(1), his standards are so much greater than ours(2), He does not judge on a curve or a scale. If you have wanted something someone else had, lied, stolen, used Gods name in vain, looked with lust, disobeyed your parents, you are guilty before God (3). In His eyes you are a Coveting, Greedy, lying ,Thief, Blasphemer, an Adulterer at heart, and Disobedient (4). Only the perfect, spotless and sinless are able to enter heaven (5). Jesus said “unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” (6)

Time, Prayer, Religion, feeling bad does NOT forgive sin. (7) So, if God Judges you and slams down the hammer of Justice He will find you guilty and you will end up in Hell. (8)

So how are you able to be right in God’s sight? (9)

Good News

2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ came down into human history as God in flesh, (10) to live a perfect life and died a bloody death on a cross as a substitute for the sins of His people, (11) as a legal transaction; God has paid the Fine that we built up (12) (past present and future)! He released us from the court room; Three days later He rose from the dead (13) proving to be God in flesh.

In light of this we must repent (ask for forgiveness, and Turn from our sin) and completely trust in Jesus Christ alone for our eternal salvation. (14)  He will save you His people from their sins (15) and we will receive the Righteousness of Jesus Christ to our account (16). We cannot make up for our sins or add to the finished work of the Cross, (17) but we must obey because God has been so good as to save us and our affections are no longer toward ourselves but to him who hung on the Cross. (18)

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