Problem of Evil

sufferOne attack on Theism is that of the “problem of evil.”  The argument goes like this:

  • God is Omnipotent (all powerful)
  • God is Benevolent (all loving)
  • Evil exists, so God either is not able to destroy evil (not omnipotent), or not willing to destroy evil (not benevolent) but if he is missing one of those qualities than he is not God.

This argument is easily refuted in MANY different ways, when it is the God of the Bible (there is no other) the answers go like this:

1.    God created man and woman with the potential for both Good and Evil. They sinned and now the whole creation is subject to sin and death without exception. (Genesis 3)

But then the problem comes did God not know that they were going to sin? The answer is yes he did and he also ordained that they sin. (but God is not the guilty party) Isaiah 45:7; Amos 3:6 Daniel 4:35

2.    Humans are now totally depraved with the proclivity to do evil, and it is only by Gods grace when they do good. Jeremiah 17:9; Ephesians 2:3

3.    If God destroyed evil that means He will destroy millions of people, so each day He DOESN’T destroy evil, He is VERY loving.

4.    God has a bigger purpose in our suffering that we won’t know until we see him face to face. Romans 8:28; Ephesians 1:11

5.    God’s Glory is revealed through a sinful world. God reveals to us a multitude of His attributes including Love, Grace, Kindness, Justice, Mercy, Wrath, Power etc.

6.    He has a right over His creation to do with it what He wills Psalm 115:3; Psalm 135:6